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Occupational expenses constitute a significant portion of an occupier’s overall costs, and without efficient control and management, they can result in inefficiencies, ultimately leading to the unnecessary expenditure of time and money.

Corporate Occupier Clients

Property Initiatives understand that for corporate occupiers, property and occupational issues come fairly low on the agenda compared to the principal business function. However occupational costs form a substantial part of an occupier’s bottom line, and if not controlled and managed effectively can lead to inefficiencies and more importantly wasted time and money.

Our aim at Property Initiatives is to provide a flexible solution, minimising waste and maximising efficiency which in turn leaves the client to concentrate on what it does best – its core business

Property Initiatives act for corporate clients supporting the office manager in managing the property. Our role includes accurately recording the lease data and managing the key events diary, formulating an annual budget of running costs, and procuring and managing the service suppliers, and accounting to the client.

We advise the ‘reluctant landlord’ managing those properties that are no longer needed from an operational perspective.

We also act as a consultant exploring opportunities to drive occupational costs down through service charge consultancy, where we specialise in challenging landlords and their managing agents on the running costs of multi-let buildings.

facilities management

Facilities management ensures that property facilities and services operate efficiently, leading to improved functionality & reduced operational costs. By implementing preventive maintenance programs, addressing issues promptly, & optimising resource allocation, it enhances the overall performance and longevity of property assets.

Optimised Operations

asset management

Asset management in property ensures that real estate assets are strategically managed to maximise their value over time. Through effective financial planning, risk management, and property enhancements, asset managers can optimise revenue streams and minimise expenses, ultimately increasing the overall value of the property portfolio.

Maximised Property Value

property management

Property management ensures efficient tenant relations, including lease enforcement, conflict resolution, and timely rent collection. By maintaining positive tenant interactions, property managers reduce vacancies & turnover, fostering stable rental income streams. We oversee maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements to preserve & enhance property value

Effective Tenant Management

account management

Account management in property involves managing financial transactions, maintaining accurate records, providing financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations and contractual obligations. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial health and success of property investments. Efficiently managing finances for property prosperity.

Auditing and Compliance

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When it comes to selecting a property management company in London, there’s a world of possibilities to consider. Here’s why Property Initiatives shines as a standout option:

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Local Knowledge
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  • Risk Management
  • Reputation and Reviews
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