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At the forefront of commercial property management in the United Kingdom, we elevate service delivery with a dedicated commitment to turning commercial spaces into impeccably managed offices insuring your investments and occupied space flourish under our expert care.

Owner Investor

empowering property ventures with tailored solutions

We understand that the success of an investment depends upon consistently exceeding the expectations of the owner and the occupier in all areas and at all times.

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Tenant Quality and Retention
  • Time Savings

Corporate Occupied

We achieve results through passion and dedication

Occupational expenses constitute a significant portion of an occupier’s overall costs, and without efficient control and management, they can result in inefficiencies, ultimately leading to the unnecessary expenditure of time and money.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes, reduced administrative burdens, and optimized workflows, enabling the corporate occupier to operate more smoothly.

Strategic Cost Management

Effective control of occupational expenses, ensuring that resources are utilised efficiently, ultimately contributing to cost savings for the corporate occupier.

Risk Mitigation

Corporate occupiers can mitigate risks associated with compliance issues, ensuring a secure and legally sound environment for their operations.

Tailored Solutions

Property Initiatives provide customised solutions to meet the unique needs of corporate-occupied properties.


Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

Comprehensive Solutions for Effortless Management

With our tailored services and expert guidance, we streamline property management, optimise returns, and ensure peace of mind for property owners.

Facilities Management

Efficient Solutions for Seamless Operations: Elevating Environments with Precision and Care.

Asset Management

Maximizing Value, Minimizing Risk: Your Assets in Expert Hands for Optimal Performance

Account Management

Efficiently managing finances for property prosperity: providing comprehensive reporting for property owners or stakeholders

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Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Explore our portfolio of innovative and successful recent instructions that showcase our commitment to excellence in property management and development.

Passionate – Dedicated – Professional

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Trusted by our clients

PI have managed our entire UK property portfolio for 7 years, during this time they have performed exceptionally.

Silver Reef Properties

We would not hesitate to recommend PI to any property investor who wants to add value to their portfolio

Firefly Ltd

We have come to rely on PI’s extensive knowledge and expertise.

Associated Newspapers

We were so impressed with PI’s management style and proactive approach, that we appointed them to manage our new Central London HQ.

Fidessa Plc

From a standing start PI has mobilised our Soho Estate portfolio in a matter of weeks, whilst at the same time ironing out some complicated occupational leases. We have been impressed by their pro-active approach and speed of response.

DTZ Investment Management

PI has very quickly got to grips with a complex portfolio, and has uncovered some significant asset management opportunities. An overhang of issues left from previous agents has been dealt with speedily and professionally. Our tenants are pleased to have some pro-active management in place.

Woodgavil Limited

It was unanimously declared that Property Initiatives… have been a great improvement on the previous management and we are all glad that this change has taken place.

Townsend House Tenants Assoc

One of the largest central Woking office complexes, Dukes Court, has been purchased by Woking Borough Council in a move that will safeguard Woking’s economic vitality by securing local jobs and future employment opportunities. Richard Stokes, MD of managing agent Property Initiatives, said: “We are delighted to be working with Woking Borough Council on Dukes Court, a building we have managed for over 20 years. Dukes Court is a key strategic asset for the town centre, and we and the tenants, are equally pleased about not only protecting the office space long term, but also excited about the future plans for the proposed plaza, and general improvements to the environment around the property. This will create a wonderful public space and further improve tenant retention

Woking Borough Council

We have been tenants since May 2019 and have been fortunate to work with Property Initiatives. From the beginning of our tenancy, They have provided Adidas with an outstanding property service management team, delivering invaluable support and extensive knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of the building and our daily business activities. As tenants, we have been extremely pleased and impressed by the high maintenance standards, professionalism, communication, and continuous improvements implemented within the building. No request is too complex, and all queries are handled promptly and collaboratively.

Kathleen Sumera, Adidas

We at IDEO have had the pleasure of working with Property Initiatives Management Limited. We have found comfort and confidence in the knowledge that Property Initiatives Management Limited is overseeing the management of our premises. Proactive and considerate, they have always ensured that our needs are met swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s addressing maintenance issues, ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the building, or simply being available to answer our queries, the management has shown a dedication to excellence that is truly commendable.Their commitment to quality and professionalism has not only enhanced our working environment but has also played a pivotal role in our overall satisfaction as tenants.

Tash Wass, IDEO