Dukes Court Woking – Gu21

Dukes Court offers high quality office space in Woking town centre, with a new feature living wall, attractive landscaped entrance
and on-site restaurant.
The front of Dukes Court has undergone extensive remodelling, creating a landscaped pedestrianised public plaza and restaurant with outdoor seating. The building features an impressive full height living ‘green’ wall, which is one of the tallest in Europe. The building is arranged over five blocks which are accessed via three separate reception areas, leading to the flexible floor plates which all benefit from excellent natural light.
  • Facilities Management

  • Property Management

  • Asset Management

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes, reduced administrative burdens, and optimized workflows, enabling the corporate occupier to operate more smoothly.

Strategic Cost Management

Effective control of occupational expenses, ensuring that resources are utilised efficiently, ultimately contributing to cost savings for the corporate occupier.

Risk Mitigation

Corporate occupiers can mitigate risks associated with compliance issues, ensuring a secure and legally sound environment for their operations.