Furniture & Arts Building, Kings Road, SW5

This bright green building, formerly known as “The Furniture Cave,” has been renamed “The Furniture and Arts Building.” The landmark is situated on the western edge of Chelsea, which is known for its sophisticated cosmopolitan vibe, and is close to all the famous leisure facilities of King’s Road. FAB is situated on the southern side of King’s Road at its intersection with Lot’s Road.

The iconic building set on 3 floors hosts a mix of Showrooms and Galleries showcasing an eclectic collection of antiques, fine art, rare 20th-century objects, high-quality furniture, objects d’art, sculptures, mirrors, flooring, innovative fabrics and materials, bespoke chandeliers and other curios. 

The vivid green building also offers food, drinks and entertainment. There is a Mediterranean Bar, Restaurants and club in the basement and a Cuban themed Nightclub offering a blend of rhythm & style, with cigars, spirits and cocktails on the top floor.  

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