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7 Wilson Street - Arbuthnot Latham & Co Private bank, Arbuthnot and Latham asked PIML to manage their recently fully refurbished head office in 7 Wilson Street. The works were completed in October 2014 and Arbuthnot and Latham had occupied the 7 Floors of this 35000 sq ft property in November 2014.

King Street 20-21 King Street - This building consists of 29000 sqft of Office Space which is currently having a full strip out and internal refurbishment. These works are due to be completed in November 2020 ready for occupation December 2020. The address also has 1 retail unit on the ground floor, and basement (Davys of London Wine Bar) of the main building and 3 smaller units in the adjacent Crown Passage way.

King Street

Dominion Street 10 Dominion Street - Our Client Arbuthnot Latham and Co have occupied the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors (14000 Sqft) of this recently refurbished Building since 2017.

Dominion Street